Wasserspiegel – a musical marine journey

The deep sea has long been an almost mystical part of our planet. Technical and biological difficulties limited marine scientists in their research of this biotope until well into the twentieth century.

Wasserspiegel, a project of cellist Katharina Gross and composer/percussionist Arnold Marinissen, deals with the acoustic aspects of ocean and water, and allows the listener to submerge in compositions for cello, percussion and electro-acoustics. The music embodies the sense of nostalgia of life on the seashore, touches the surface of the water and descends into the deep sea, some 10.000 meters below.

Spectral music by Jonathan Harvey, four short pieces by Piet-Jan van Rossum, the intriguing acoustic waves of Per Norgard and Peter Adriaansz, Domenico Gabrielli’s fluid work for solo cello, and Gross and Marinissen’s own electro-acoustic Wasserspiegel liaise with various aspects of ocean and water, liquidity and depth.

Photo (above) by Nancy Horowitz (Katharina Gross) und Marco Borggreve (Arnold Marinissen)

Foto: Johann Zugschwert