Vorsicht, Katharina!

Vorsicht, Katharina! – new solo work by Jan van de Putte, written for cellist Katharina Gross
A work, in which Katharina plays, sings and acts, captivates with a great structure and a strong emotional charge. Long lasting music-making, the resulting impression of timelessness, various decoration techniques and the synchronisation of singing and playing are aspects of the composition inspired by Ethiopian and Serbian music. Jan van de Putte: “A journey through many worlds, sometimes also ritually…”

Jan van de Putte composes for cellist Katharina Gross the evening-filling new solo work “Vorsicht, Katharina! Van de Putte uses gestures that originate from the cello playing itself, and that give the piece a theatrical charge. In addition, the voice of Katharina is also used. Serbian and Ethiopian music are sources of inspiration. The long-term making of music in both cultures, the impression of timelessness that this creates, the synchronisation of playing and singing and various ornamental techniques: all these are aspects of the aforementioned musical traditions that flow into Jan van de Putte’s new work. Jan van de Putte about the new work: “A great epic piece, a kind of symphony in which different materials develop, penetrate each other, mix and transform. A journey through many worlds, including rituals sometimes.

In March 2021, a CD was released by concertello records. Kindly supported by Sena Muziekproductiefonds.